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Post by Roger
Trail Ridge Acres
2012-10-19 19:34:51

Tribute to Trail Ridge Acres

(While the title is specific it could apply to any CSA)

Twas the afternoon of a weekday
When inside customers' tummies,
Family members were getting hungry
and dreaming of something yummy.

And mammas readied their pots... with cheer and great care,
asking children to set tables, so it wouldn't be bare.

When what to their wondering ears...suddenly did they hear,
A car engine in the driveway. Vegetables were near!

Away to the foyer they flew in a flash
Flung open the door checked out the veggie stash.

Come squash, come garlic,
Come corn and potatoes.
Come eggplant, come carrots
Spicy peppers and tomatoes!

Children ran to the veggies and didn't want to share,
While fragrant smells of parsley...and basil filled the air.

And then when departure time began to draw dear,
The Stewarts said their goodbyes and picked up their gear.

And they heard Roger shout
Holding last week's plastic mesh,
"If you find any bugs,
At least you'll know it's FRESH!"

by Diana L Howles