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Post by Roger
Trail Ridge Acres
2013-02-08 21:15:09

What are FRESH growers doing this time of year?

Winter does give us a break from planting, harvesting and delivering tasty fresh vegetables. However, it is our time to plan, order seeds, fix equipment, recruit members, and attend educational meetings. Winter is where the foundation for the next growing season is laid.

During the past month we have ordered and received our seeds for planting. We will be getting seed potatoes and onion plants after the first of March. We will be starting leeks and onions towards the end of the month or early in March. Our planting rotation is important to cut down on diseases and pests, but we do fine tune where we will be planting our various crops.

Soil moisture is a concern after last summers drought. Snowfall has been good but we will need plenty of spring moisture to recharge the sub soil moisture. The warm spell late in January did permit some moisture penetration but a lot of it ran off with the heavy rains. With the snow early in February the ground is again protected and insulated. Hopefully the frost has gone deep enough to kill some of the garden pests like Japanese Beetles!

Last month some of our growers attended The Midwest CSA Conference in Eau Claire. It provided us with many good ideas and contacts with other growers in the area. Among the sessions were presentations on planting/harvesting schedules, planning on farm events and legal issues on a CSA. It was encouraging to see so many young people who are making their living by selling fresh locally grown vegetable and meat.

Thank you for visiting our website - we would like you to contact one of the FRESH growers listed on this website and sign up for a season of locally grown vegetables. It will be decision you won’t regret.