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Post by John
Equinox Community Farm
2011-03-09 12:53:27

Signs of Spring

Despite the fact that I can look out my window right now to see falling snow adding to the several inches we got last night there are definitely signs of spring around the farm. All the signs of increasing life, from the chipmunk out of it's winter hibernation that I saw running around this morning to the several thousand geese that have flown over me in the last couple of days, indicate an increase in the pace of activities on the farm.

One of the most significant changes during this season, for me, is the sap running in the maple trees. As I write this I have sap boiling down for the year's first batch of maple syrup. The maple syrup season for me really marks a shift from the work of the winter which consists largely of work organizing and preparing for the coming season to the actual season of more physical, outdoor work.

Also at this time of year is the start of the greenhouse planting season. Starting at this time of year we begin planting our transplants that will later be moved to the fields as the weather allows. Transplant production starts with slower starting plants like onions, brussels sprouts, and peppers and continues for the next couple months or so until we're past the risk of frost and can transplant out the most cold-sensitive plants like tomatoes and melons.

Along with maple syrup production and greenhouse work this is the time of year when everything we've been working on over the winter starts to have a deadline in the relatively near future, which means that all of a sudden I have nearly too much to do. Now I just need what snow we have left to melt so I can get started on some projects that I need to be able to see the ground for.